Our Community programme aims to deliver huge benefits to the local community by using the unique ability of rugby to address a broad range of issues.

Gloucester rugby community charity mission statement

The Gloucester Rugby Community Charity enhances the lives of young people through sport, with a particular focus on those with social and other disadvantages. Utilising the relationship with Gloucester Rugby, the charity is a force for positive change for the citizens of Gloucestershire and beyond, reaching people at key times in their lives to make a positive impact. Funded through donations, sponsorship and fundraising, the Charity provides opportunities for organisations and individuals to fulfil their community, charity and volunteering objectives.

Changing the lives of young people

Utilising the rugby club, its brand, professional players and the stadium, we deliver projects that give all young people involved the opportunity to fulfil their potential and to play a positive and active role in society.

Many of our projects are developed in collaboration with a wide range of public services organisations, health and education providers, and local businesses.