Healthy Living is a combination of many things, including good nutrition, regular exercise and a positive attitude. Taking care of yourself and feeling pride in what you do can improve your quality of life.

Building upon that belief the Gloucester Rugby Community Team has developed a Healthy Living Programme that introduces some of the basic principles, practices and guidelines of healthy living. The programme encourages participants to establish a healthy lifestyle by discovering the facts from within a professional sporting environment.

Find out about the importance of exercise – what are the physical and social benefits. Why getting fit boosts your health, appearance and mood. Find out more about tailoring your diet and making the right food choices.

The programme is offered to schools as part of a scheme of work or can be delivered as individual lessons. The aim is to challenge young people to think about what they eat, how they exercise and the impact this has on their body. How to make informed choices, understand how BMI, or body mass index, affects them, and developing a healthy diet plan.

For more information contact the community team on 01452 872286 or email