The Engage programme is a six week programme based around the principles of rugby – strength, agility, enthusiasm, concentration, teamwork and thinking.

The Engage programme is aimed at Key Stage Two, Year 5 & 6 and Key Stage Three, Year 7 & 8, targeting students who may benefit from out of classroom learning to encourage the development of communication and social skills, those who may require additional motivation or those students who could do with a boost of confidence.

The core objective of the Engage programme is to improve the communication and personal skills, develop confidence and motivation to learn for young people.

  • Cost: £420
  • Location: Try Centre, Kingsholm Stadium
  • Maximum numbers: 15
  • Age range: Yrs 5, 6, 7, 8

The Community department aim to keep the fee for this course to a minimum, but there are costs associated. The fee equates to £4.50 per student per week. Schools may consider subsidising the costs by way of using the pupil premium.