Last October we reported that a new building had landed at Kingsholm in the form of a new Classroom for use by the Gloucester Rugby Community Team.

Today the Classroom was officially opened by Adam Balding, Gloucester Rugby Head of Community; John McLaughlin and Maggie Powell from Gloucestershire Environmental Trust and Helen Chu Gloucester Rugby Community, Education and Funding Manager.

A huge thank you must go to the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust (GET) and the successful funding application for the new classroom which has now been painted Cherry & White and is already being put to great use.

The Classroom was installed to enable the Gloucester Rugby Team to further expand their education work within the local community.

To-date both children and adults have enjoyed the use of the new facility which has seen school children being taught by Gloucester Rugby’s Education Tutor Niki Savory also enjoying the use of the space are community groups within Gloucester.

Adam Balding, Gloucester Rugby Head of Community stated “Having a dedicated space at Kingsholm has provided Gloucester Rugby with the opportunity to extend our educational outreach through the number of people we are now able to reach in the local community.

“Not only that we have been able to help out other local community groups with a space for their activities.  For example, the Roots Community Group recently hosted an event in the classroom and described the classroom as the perfect space for them.”

Penny Liddicot from the Roots Community CIC went on to say “The classroom was excellent, everybody that attended the course commented on how light and airy it was. Niki Savory from Gloucester Rugby made us very welcome and showed us where all of the facilities were.

On the day there were 10 participants, a good mixture of residents and members of staff from different organisations from across all sectors –  voluntary and community, local authorities and housing providers”.

John McLaughlin, from GET stated, “We were delighted to help the Gloucester Rugby Community Team in funding a dedicated classroom in Kingsholm.

“We have been totally inspired about the positive impact that Gloucester Rugby has within the community for example through programmes like Hitz and we are pleased that this classroom will provide them with a dedicated space to extend their great work and also to other community local initiatives”.

About – Gloucester Community Charity

The Gloucester Rugby Community Charity uses sport to enhance people’s lives with a particular focus on those with social and other disadvantages. In close collaboration with Gloucester Rugby, the charity is a force for positive change for the citizens of Gloucestershire and beyond, reaching people at key times in their lives to make a positive impact. Funded through donations, sponsorship and fundraising, the Charity provides opportunities for organisations and individuals to fulfil their community, charity and volunteering objectives’.

Gloucester Rugby Community Charity’s work is focussed around 4 key areas and is aimed to encourage action within these areas;

  • Get Healthy – The charity aims to tackle health issues affecting young people. Healthy lifestyle and addressing childhood obesity are some of the most important issues affecting Gloucestershire and are the focal point of our work.
  • Get Active – Encouraging people to get active and participate in rugby and sports is a key aspect of our work, irrespective of perceived barriers to participation.
  • Get Smart – Education and improving skills and employability are key issues within the county. The Gloucester Rugby Community Charity has several programmes to tackle this area of work.
  • Get Included – In a city and county rich with diversity it is important to ensure that we live and work harmoniously together and that no one feels left out