My name is Mathew Liddiard and I am the Community Sports Inclusion Officer for Gloucester Rugby. I currently hold my MSc in coaching Science and BSc in Sports coaching, along with my RFU level 2 in coaching rugby and FA level 2 in coaching football.

I deliver to the minority in the community and to those who may not get the same opportunities as others. The programmes I deliver are:

Adult Wheelchair Rugby:We have a Gloucester Wheelchair Rugby team that represents us as a club and competes nationally. They train once a week and then compete through =out the year in the series and national tournaments.

Junior Wheelchair Rugby:I am looking in developing a wheelchair rugby team that will represent us as a club but this will take time. At the moment, I am delivering in both SEN and mainstream Schools to make those aware of wheelchair rugby and to keep those participants involved in sport. This includes a 6-week programme which involves many fun activities and elements of the game.

Walking Rugby:I deliver walking rugby for those that are aged 50+ or for those that can’t play the game at the normal pace of the game due to long term injuries or medical issues. This is an adapted game to suit the participants that are taking part. We currently have 4 sessions that run in Stroud, Cinderford, Gloucester and Winchcombe which have a positive impact to those who take part as it keeps them physically active and allows social inclusion. The aim is to develop Walking Rugby in Gloucestershire and develop sessions in each district of Gloucestershire so that we are hitting the wider community.

The charity impacts so many people’s lives a positive way which allows them to stay active, socialise and feel part of the community and part of the club. The Gloucester Rugby Community Charity enhances the lives of young people through sport, with a particular focus on those with social and other disadvantages. Utilising the relationship with Gloucester Rugby, the charity is a force for positive change for the citizens of Gloucestershire and beyond, reaching people at key times in their lives to make a positive impact. Funded through donations, sponsorship and fundraising, the Charity provides opportunities for organisations and individuals to fulfil their community, charity and volunteering objectives. Without the Charity, we wouldn’t be able to develop new projects and allow the existing projects we currently have sustainable.

I work closely with the community team who are always at hand to help when needed. They come and help deliver sessions and get involved with the community. The whole Gloucester Rugby team are amazing to work with as we have so many different characters that bring something different to the table. Definitely the best team I’ve worked with.

The best bits about my job is being out and delivering these projects to so many different people and having a positive impact to those participants. Seeing people enjoy themselves and appreciating what you do for them when you are delivering is so rewarding as a coach. Each day consists of something different and I am consistently meeting new people in the community which I enjoy as not each day is the same and repetitive. Sport is my passion and to do this as a full time role is the best thing possible.