It’s the Gloucester Rugby Community Charity Day this Saturday, with fundraising taking place for the Charity at Kingsholm. Find out more about each member of the team with a series of blogs, today, we meet Niki Savory, Community Education Tutor.

My name is Niki and I am the Community Education Tutor here at Gloucester Rugby. I’m 31 (sadly!) and enjoy playing rugby, boxing and spending time with my friends and family.

I love Nando’s, Five Guys and live a fairly simple but fun life!

What programmes do you deliver?

I deliver 3 core programmes; Heritage Education, Engage and 5 ways to well-being.

What is included in those programmes?

The Engage programme is targeted at pupils who are currently at risk of disengaging from education in a conventional setting. The course covers the principles of rugby (Sportsmanship, Respect, Discipline, Enjoyment and Teamwork) and each week tasks are completed around the framework of these principles. The 5 ways to well-being covers how to ‘Connect’ and build relationships, ‘Be Active’ and get moving, ‘Take Notice’ of your surroundings, ‘Learn’ and try new things and why it is important to our well-being to ‘Give’. Heritage Education includes a tour & the history of Gloucester Rugby and enables teachers to have access to our Gloucester Rugby related teaching resources.

Why the Gloucester Rugby Community Charity is so important to what you do?

Without the Gloucester Rugby Community Charity, I would not be able to provide educational opportunities to pupils at risk of disengaging from education. I certainly would not be able to assist the amount of young people from all different backgrounds and abilities. I am really pleased to be able to give something back to such deserving pupils and young people.

Who do you work with?

I work alongside many likeminded and hardworking people whose passion lies in helping others. Ron Etheridge, a former player collects students from their educational setting and brings them over to our purpose built classroom to have their sessions delivered to them. Without Ron I definitely couldn’t do my role!

Best bits about the job?

I love being involved in and surrounded by rugby every single day. I have a great network of colleagues who make our day to day jobs really fun and rewarding. I have a great passion for education and helping others. Teaching people about the ‘5 ways to well-being’ and giving them tools to boost their self-esteem is really gratifying.