GRCC’S work is focussed around 4 key areas and is aimed to encourage action within these areas;


The charity aims to tackle health issues affecting young people. Healthy lifestyle and addressing childhood obesity are some of the most important issues affecting Gloucestershire and are the focal point of our work.


Encouraging people to get active and participate in rugby and sports is a key aspect of our work, irrespective of perceived barriers to participation.


Education and improving skills and employability are key issues within the county. The Gloucester Rugby Community Charity has several programmes to tackle this area of work.


In a city and county rich with diversity it is important to ensure that we live and work harmoniously together and that no one feels left out.

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About the community charity

The Gloucester Rugby Community Charity (GRCC) aims to succeed in making a difference to the lives of many young people, inspiring and motivating them to enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle and transforming attitudes to learning through educational initiatives.